11 Dec

The main focus and goal of this blog is to discus gender and sexuality issues in the lgbt community as well as providing information and experience to those who don’t understand it. I consider this mostly just my own personal blog and my own personal opinions, I realize not everyone may have the same experiences and thoughts like mine but either way I want to get this information out.

I will go over a little about myself and what my thoughts and feelings are regarding sexuality and gender. I often get asked the following, Jamie if you like penetration then you must like men don’t you? The thing is just because you like the feeling of something doesn’t mean you are attracted to it.. a perfect example would be a straight man who likes anal but is only into women, just because he likes penetration doesn’t mean hes attracted to men so the same thing goes for me. People also ask me.. well if you like masculine women as well as girly girly why don’t you just date men… masculine women dont make them less femmine.. there are straight men who like masculine women whether they are girly on the outside with a rough personality or but on the outside and femmine within or both.. whatever the case. There is a look about biological women that men dont have regardless of how femmine a man can be. That would be like me going up to a straight man and assuming hes gay and dont like breasts because he likes women who have alot of muscle and have a dominant personality… it doesnt make the man it it just means hes more submissive and likes a women leading because he finds it strong and attractive.

I was born a female and I feel comfortable in my body, however I don’t feel I need to be super girly on the outside to prove what organ I have between my legs. I feel that when we are born that we do not have the choice as to what race or sex organ we are born with. Society has taught us that men and women are suppose to be attracted to each other and that’s it and it’s mostly due to reproduction. I feel just because two people of the same sex cant have children that doesn’t mean they should be restricted from having sex as long as they are attracted to each other and love one another. I don’t feel our true inner souls have a specific gender and that love is love. I wonder if most people like the opposite sex only because of the sex they are and it’s what they grew up being told what is right and what is wrong.

People say it’s alright to have feelings for the same sex but not to be attracted to them in a romantic way or sexual. I often wonder how some people would feel if they felt they were born in the wrong body and were only attracted to the same sex because like i said we don’t get the choice at birth what sex we are so we have to deal with who and what we are attracted to despite what sex organ we have between our legs.

Ever since I was little I have always been naturally attracted to women but never men. I have tried hard to like men, I have even tried having sex with them but still I wasn’t attracted to them.. I liked how the sex felt but I didn’t see them as attractive or someone i could develop romantic feelings for. There was a point in my life I thought I was a man trapped in a women’s body but I feel I don’t have a specific gender… even though I was born female. Someone can be born female but feel like a man.. if that’s the case and gender they identify with then that no longer makes them a lesbian but a straight male unless they liked both sexes. Its a very confusing subject. I personally wear light makeup which is my eye liner and wear sporty guy clothes while my personality is very feminine but its all about how I express my gender. On the outside i feel more comfortable looking more masculine with some feminine features while my personality is girly at times as well as masculine because I sometimes think like a guy.

There are some women who have a very feminine appearance but masculine personality and they as well are expressing two genders, this is usually more acceptable in society because they are matching their sex… some people act feminine as well as look and the same can go for men. If i were to look the part as well as act I know my mom would approve more but it’s just not who I am. I don’t dress the way I do because i want to be a man… I know i can please a women regardless but it all comes down to feeling comfortable because I know i am a female and i like my female body i just prefer to dress unisex. I do enjoy bras and women’s boxer briefs and shirts but I also like men’s jeans that are loose but snug.

I hope you all continue to follow my blog because I will be going over alot of topics. If there is any questions or topics you want me to discuss then please let me know.